Stop Calling Yourself An Entrepreneur, It Doesn’t Impress Anyone… Anymore

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If I meet one more person who tells me that they are an “entrepreneur”, I’m going to throw up. It might be the most overused, and unimpressive word in the English language.

I have started multiple businesses from the age of 8 years old to my current age of 46. Some have died out, and one company has done over a billion dollars in business, and I have never, ever called myself an entrepreneur. When someone tells me that they are an entrepreneur, it just proves to me that they are entry level business owners, maybe even not even in “real” business at all. Mark Cuban says it best, “Most people are wantrepreuers” They want all of the benefits of being a long term successful business owners, without enduring the sacrifice and pain.

Our world is filled with true entrepreneurs, who started incredible businesses in their garage. But shortly after they moved from the garage, these entrepreneurs changed into a business owners, and that is the difference. Starting a business is important, but staying the course to long term success is what separates the average entrepreneur from the real successful business owner.

Here are my 10 traits of a real entrepreneur who becomes a successful business owner:

Hungry – Every successful business owner I know is hungry for success. They almost have a desperation, usually created by some level of pain, and they will do anything to fill the void with success, recognition, admiration and money.
Competitive – Kill the competition is a prerequisite in business today. Don’t compete, crush the competition.
Grinder- Too many people are looking for ways to celebrate vs ways to stay true to the grind. The real players in business work tons of hours, and love the grind that is called “business”.
Salesperson – At some point, every entrepreneur turned business owner must learn to sell. You have to convince people to like you, to want to do business with you and to pay you. It’s called selling.
Willing to sacrifice more than others – I’m willing to do anything legal…anything for the success of my company. Most people are not. True business owners have no problem missing a ball game or a date night to meet the demands of their business. They understand that sacrifice is part of the journey.
Ability to see the future- Business owners know that the future is never guaranteed. They are always planning for future events (real or not real) that can impact their success.
Talent to meet and build relationships with more successful people – Building relationships with people who have achieved greater success is important. Always reach up in your relationships and look to people who have already achieved what you want.
Leader – As soon as you hire your first employee, you become a leader. Great business owners understand how to lead their team and their company.


Resilient – Ups and downs are part of business. How you deal with them will determine your long term success. Don’t dwell on failures, get up quickly, dust yourself off and get going again.
Optimistic – No matter how dark the situation seems, you must believe that it will improve and that success will come to you. Lose your optimism and you will lose your drive.


Keep it real. Call it and tell it like it is. Be true to where you are, bust your butt more than the next person and you will find that people respect your honesty. Stay Gritty!


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