Stop Hiding Your Talent from The World


Share your talent with the world. Don’t be timid or selfish. Be bold and daring with your talent–all of it.

Fear is a threshold you must overcome. We need your talent in the world, now. Why are you stalling?

We depreciate ourselves during our creative process; yes, we all go through this sporadically while we are developing our dreams into reality. Artists, writers, photographers, authors, speakers, farmers, business owners, musicians, scientists, gardeners, dancers, singers, actors, chefs, athletes, filmmakers, comedians, and in every field people are striving to make things better, to find an improvement, to make things unique, to change outcomes, to offer loftier products and services, and to turn the world into a more hopeful place.

In addition, everyone has a level of doubt about his or her work at times. However, writers, poets, and authors do not stop writing because previous talented authors such as Jack London (journalist and author), William Wordsworth (English poet), and Henry David Thoreau (author), were already discovered. Artists and photographers do not put away their tools because Frederic Edwin Church (Hudson River School artist), and Ansel Adams (photographer), were already well-known as the pinnacle in their field of expertise.

Athletes train to exceed the current standard of performance and to surpass their own as we noticed with sisters Venus and Serena Williams, both ranked number one during their tennis careers at times. Michelangelo did not begin painting the Sistine Chapel on his primary attempt; he had a lifetime of artistic skills developed through commissioned work he produced over his career.

Yes, superstars are intimidating; they set the gold standard in their industry for all of us to challenge one another and ourselves in becoming a sterling example of creativity and proficiency in our field. On occasion, some people seem to have genes that come with a high level of expertise and skills already built-in, a prodigy or teens with awesome talent. Generally, this is not the course of progress. The reality is that, once you master one level of skills in your field, you long for a greater level and a more proficient way to perform. Goals are reachable, then we struggle to attain and achieve even more.

A level of enthusiasm and momentum grows with each success. Once we build a foundation, a level of confidence develops through ‘wins’ both minimal and great. Do not hesitate to create your ideas. The time is now. You will change the world in a positive form that is unique with your creative viewpoint. Share your talent with the world – all of it; we are awaiting your creative ideas to make the world a more hopeful place.

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, then go, and do that. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive.
— Howard Thurman

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