Video Genius: 3 Tips Artists Need to Learn from Grant Cardone


Robert Syslo Jr

“Accept imperfection as part of perfection, get your creation out to the marketplace and refine it later….get it as close to right as you can the first time with practice.. ”

Three years ago I applied for an ad on craigslist for a Video Genius. It simply said send us a 60 second video resume in an email if you think you’re the genius we are looking for.

At this time, I was willing to try anything. I was selling clothes at Banana Republic making less than $600 a paycheck, in Miami. After going through the hardest two years of my life, no money, broke, living on the streets, being stuck in another country, I’d had it. I said “You know what? This is it. No more is this going to be a struggle.” As a cameraman, editor, and photographer, I was tired of living the rough life and getting around the wrong people. I took a leap of faith, sent a non-produced 60 second video, and, within 3 days, I was working at Cardone Training Technologies with Grant Cardone and crew.

As an artist, everything changed. I have sped up my process, increased my work load, increased my creative abilities, learned to control time, and learned to sell over the phone– all the while retaining my abilities as an artist. I thought increasing those other tasks would take away from my creativity and I was extremely apprehensive towards doing it; I was wrong to think that. It simply increased my artistic ability and drove it to levels that I have never seen before. There are moments where I sit back and think “Did I create that?” Here are the three tips every artist needs to know from International Sales and Business Expert Grant Cardone:



1) Remove Perfection

“Perfection is just a fancy word for being lazy”, Grant says in a live Skype call. “All of you people out there waiting to put the content out there when it is perfect, when its right, are hindering your own personal growth and business growth”. Being a perfectionist stunts your growth, it stunts your ability to get to the marketplace as an artist. Every artist wants to be seen right? We all want that recognition, do not hold yourself back with trying to get it right the first time – duplicate fast, create fast, get the message as close to perfect as you can, then practice, practice, practice to get it right the first time. Accept imperfection as part of perfection, get your creation out to the marketplace and refine later….get it as close to right as you can the first time with practice.



2) Assume the View Point of the Audience

You know your product, you know what you are about, you know as an artist you have a particular way to create and sell a message. That’s you, you are not your audience. Your audience does not think like you, nor do they speak or see things the way you do. It is your job as an artist to know how step outside of yourself and encompass as many viewpoints as you can. Hard to do as perfectionist isn’t it? It does not matter if its hard if you want people to see your art, appreciate your art, you have to do the things you hate. Create in a way that appeals to your audience and appeals to your artistic style. Blend the two elements together and get inside the minds of the people who need to see you. Show them the steps to the Sistine Chapel and lead them to the Sistine Chapel.




3) Quantity Before Quality

“No one see’s the first Sistine Chapel, they see the 10,000 version of it, then they see the Sistine Chapel”, Grant says. Point being, it does not matter how great or how exceptional you are as an artist, if you are not getting content out on a consistent basis. Painter, musician, photographer, videographer, it does not matter. Get off the perfection train and get on the quantity train. I struggled with this for the longest time and did not understand it. The basics of this principle are simply to learn to accept your imperfection as perfection and run with it. Creative block? No problem. Pick something and run with it. The trick is you can always change it later. Get the product out there before it’s even ready. Apple does this all the time and they are one of the richest companies on the planet. Get your painting, your song, your video, your photo to market first, refine later.
Go create.


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