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Accelerate your Success: Treat Everyone like a Customer


Think about the best customer service experience you’ve ever had. How did you feel when it was over? Like you were respected? Cared for? Cherished? Did that company become one of your favorites, your go-to for that product or service no matter what?

Now think about a poor customer service experience. How did that make you feel? Frustrated? Angry? Have you continued to use the company that treated you that way?

Having an exceptional customer service mindset is a surefire way to propel your success. Don’t just treat your actual paying customers in this way, but everyone. Your boss is a customer you provide a service to. So are your investors or business partners. So are your spouse, partner, friends, and children.

Everyone is a customer to us in some way, and treating them as such – providing an exceptional experience that delights, engages, and shows the utmost respect – is the best way to become the go-to person for each of those people in your life.

Think of yourself as a company that prides itself on having rabid, loyal customers. Zappos is one example. Customer service is their greatest competitive advantage. They provide perks such as free shipping both ways and one day shipping for VIP customers. Their mission is to WOW each and every customer they have. People love to talk to Zappos customer service representatives. How many companies can make that claim?

Zappos is known as a company that cherishes its customers. Are you known as someone who cherishes the customers in your life? When people feel about you the way Zappos’s customers feel about them, you will succeed. You are more likely to be chosen for special, high-level projects at work. You are more likely to receive funding from investors or banks if you are an entrepreneur. Others will come to you first for new opportunities. Your partner, children, and friends will be more engaged in your relationship.

Your customer service mindset has to be genuine. We’ve all experienced companies who said the right things about customer service but didn’t follow through. Make sure you are not just talking the talk, but also walking the walk.

Here are three ways to have an exceptional customer service mindset:


The golden rule might seem cliché, but in terms of customer service it truly is key. How would you want to be treated by a customer service representative, by an employee reporting to you, by a business partner? Treating each of these people as you would want to be treated gives you an upper hand compared to everyone else interacting with them. Most people have a “me” mindset when dealing with others, and when you show you care, it will be noticed.


There will always be times when a relationship becomes strained. Everyone has bad days. When dealing with someone who is being difficult or is upset, give them a break and assume they have positive intent towards you. Don’t let a tense situation spiral out of control. Be the calm voice of reason and others will respect you for it.


Having an exceptional customer service mindset is about more than just meeting someone’s needs and expectations. It is about going above and beyond. Your mindset should be one that strives to delight in every interaction. Give just a bit more than everyone else and watch your star power rise.

Ultimate customer service is not always easy. However, it can truly differentiate companies, making them the best in their industry. Great customer service will also set you apart as someone who has crucial and indispensable value to an organization or relationship.

Tell us about how you have an exceptional customer service mindset in the comments. We love hearing from you!

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