Mindset + Actions Determine Success


Success, the one thing that all people want but only a few actually attain. Why is this the case though? What makes success so difficult to grasp if it said that anyone can be successful? I’ll tell you what the issue is and why these questions exist.

It all boils down to cultivating a mindset that welcomes success and the actions which work towards producing it. Now, I could end right here because I gave you the general overview of what creates success. In turn you say, “No, we don’t want that basic answer. We want something with more detail to follow as an example for ourselves!” Ok, I hear you loud and clear.

So let’s begin to dig a little deeper in order to understand the fundamentals of a successful mindset and how you can align this mindset with successful actions.

A successful mindset is only receptive of images, thoughts and words which resonate the feeling of the word success. This is very important to understand because successful people realize the importance of allowing only certain things into their atmosphere which align with their desired success. When it comes to the successful mindset, the individual focused on success knows the difference between value and distractions.

Compare, for instance, the mediocre person to the ambitious person who is focused. The mediocre person follows the routine of the masses, thus they are trapped in bondage like everybody around them who lives life in a mediocre state of existence.

Consider the following characteristics of the average individual:

They maintain a job that they hate but remain in because they are controlled by a consistent paycheck.
They barely read books, if at all. They watch hours of television and have hours of meaningless social media engagement.
They don’t think in the long-term, they only think in the day-to-day.
They do not set goals nor and do not, therefore, have an actionable plan for their life.
They hope for success rather than work for success.
Now consider the mindset of the successful person:

They work within an environment that enables them to sustain continual growth.
They read a book every day. Television is rarely watched because it is seen as a waste of valuable time
They design their day-to-day schedule to build toward their long-term vision.
They have daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals and yearly goals which work to transform their life into the one that they desire.
They constantly think about success and pursue success with consistent actions.
In order for success to be produced, effective actions must reinforce the successful mindset. Actions are what actually create the progression that is needed to make success a reality. The key thing to recognize, is the importance of effective actions. Ordinary actions produce little to no effect. Engaging in ordinary actions is therefore useless and a waste of time. It is one of the very reasons why people can maintain a busy schedule while not actually producing successful results.

What are effective actions?

Effective actions are those which strengthen your ability to sustain success as time progresses, by building upon one another. Deciphering what is an effective action vs. a non-effective action is hard for many people to determine.

An action is effective when:

It can be measured by a positive return.
Your progression is vertical and not horizontal.
Set goals are being accomplished.
Mediocre people are not taking the same actions.
Success is not some mystical force which is granted to only people who possess some sort of “luck”. Success is produced by the discipline of aligning a successful mindset with effective actions. Learn how to implement both into your daily operations and I promise you that you will produce a life full of success.

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