Why YOU Need to Get Out of Obscurity: From Unknown to Pitching A Millionaire


There are two major factors that I want to discuss in this article that have 100% changed my life in the past 2 months: BELIEF and COMMITMENT. Here’s my transparent account of what can happen when you make a DECISION to take action and move forward in your own business.

Picture this, I had been involved in business with some of the most talented individuals in the industry of Web and App development for two years while working a 9–6 job in property management. I would put in about 3–4 hours in the office, in addition to a days work, or even later depending on what we had on our plate. The usual time I would arrive home was midnight or 1AM. Then, onto catch a few ZZZ’s and do it all over again the next day. I have to tell you, I was scared of driving due to the level of EXHAUSTION towards the end of the week, as I would, sometimes, swerve lanes on the highway from sleeplessness. I’m sure, if you’re an entrepreneur, this might sound all too familiar.

Hello, World!

Something had to give.

That brings me to two months ago. I followed the advice of one of my an all-time favorite quotes and took THE LEAP to “Build the airplane in the air”. I left my job and burned the bridge, on the BELIEF that “I am gonna make this happen no matter what!” It’s a scary thought when you first set foot in your own office and know that you either produce or your family doesn’t eat.

Fast-forward to just about a month and a half ago. I was in my office holding down the fort for the team that had to travel for work. It was DEAD silent. Not a phone ringing, not a call being made and not a door-knock to excite the day. It was at that VERY moment that I made a COMMITMENT to myself, my colleagues, and my family, to make a change! I thought to myself, “We HAVE to be known, the world can’t deny us, we produce amazing work!” I have always been known to my peers as someone that is great at building relationships. That is key to success in any business. All I had to do was find a way to scale that skill. So I took on Twitter (which I had left untouched pretty much since 2011) as a way to reach people that I knew I hadn’t given the chance to connect with simply for the fear of using it, not understanding it well, and failing.

Fear of failure; Nothing stops more people from achieving greatness than that alone. I’ve had enough of it!

Now, call it luck, the universe, law of attraction, or whatever, the decision to use Twitter allowed me to discover what live-streaming apps were! I realized I had to jump in and be part of the latest online community building tools out there, if I was to take my commitment seriously. What a rollercoaster that has been! I began attending Periscope and Meerkat broadcasts almost every hour for days. I connected with thought leaders and entrepreneurs in many industries and hard working humble people from all walks of life! I focused on providing as much value as I possibly could as a viewer to help them grow. They evantually started to take notice and it allowed me to become part of a group that we now call “The #WOLFPACK” on Twitter. Or as Grant Cardone might call it, a viable network of like-minded individuals OBSESSED with SUCCESS.

Speaking of Grant Cardone, it brings me to the main reason for this article. Through the encouragement of the wolfpack, I began to take a more active role in live streaming by broadcasting myself, which led me to a new, revolutionary app called BLAB. In case you don’t know what it is, it allows four people to broadcast, live, simultaneously, while others watch and comment along the way. I got on every now and then to listen, learn, take notes and participate in discussions. Then, one night, Grant scheduled a BLAB called “Grant Cardone Shark Tank Pitch Me Your Business Maybe We Become Partners”. It was too intriguing to ignore. I spoke to Ken Walls (CEO, Client Solutions Innovations) prior to the BLAB, a member of the WolfPack, in Colombus, Ohio, about presenting an idea we had mustered up for Grant. I received nothing but encouragement and all the motivation needed to go ahead and PITCH A MILLIONAIRE– live! After an hour and a half of patiently waiting and Ken Walls himself telling Grant to “Look for Hector!”, Mr. Cardone let me join! I presented myself, my company, and what we do– and LANDED an appointment in his offices THIS MONTH!

What I’ve taken from this incredible journey, that I know is only just beginning, is that, when you make a decision to step out of your comfort zone, you have to GO ALL IN! Everything that happened to me, from using Twitter to landing a pitch to a Multi-Millionaire, was NOT luck. When you focus all your efforts towards one goal, the world will align with that intention! I could not have, in a million years, imagined that in such a short amount of time I would have a community of followers on Twitter that I consider family– supporters that cheer me on in everything I do; and the opportunity for my company to launch into stardom spearheaded by Grant Cardone!!! You have to put yourself out there, know your worth, and tell the world!

You are ONE DECISION AWAY from stepping out of obscurity and into an unbelievable life filled with new and renewed goals for you and your business!

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