Break Out: 4 Industry Leaders Share Their Best Advice on Getting Attention for Your Brand


So you have a great brand– but where are all the people?

Getting awareness for your brand is as important to your overall success as having a great product or service. And since attention equals dollars, it’s also crucial to your bottom line. But even with today’s culture of connectedness, where social media has made it easier than ever to gather a following, many entrepreneurs still struggle to break out from the noise.

I spoke with 4 highly successful industry leaders and got their advice on what you can do to break out and get massive attention for your brand. Here’s what they had to say:



New York Times best selling author Grant Cardone is an international sales expert whose intensive training programs have been used by Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs around the globe. His newest creation, the wildly popular Whatever It Takes Network aims to provide an alternative to mainstream television. Shows like “Cardone Zone”, “Power Players,” “The Ultimate Job Interview” and his wife, Elena Cardone’s “Women in Power” offer valuable business advice and entertainment for success-minded people.


Grant’s advice:

“The first step to getting your name and brand known in the market place is to be willing to do WhateverItTakes to be sure your brand is seen, heard and talked about everywhere. This is the concept of omnipresence which means being everywhere at the same time. Anything that is omnipresent is then awarded power in the consumers mind,  “If its everywhere, it must be powerful, it must be the best.”

The biggest mistake I made in my career was playing too small for too long and being too conservative for too long. Today we announce everything Grant Cardone or any of my enterprises do. My motto is, “I don’t care if you love me or hate me but shame on me if you don’t know me.” Attention is the doorway to revenue and the more communication avenues you invest in the better your chances.  Disregard any concerns about being over exposed or some idea that you need to fly under the radar.  Get your brand known no matter what you have to do and don’t just use all avenues abuse them.  Twitter, Facebook, youtube, google+, linked in, tv, radio, trade shows, billboards, email list or simply yelling from the street corner you must do whatever it takes today to cut through the noise of the world and make sure you are either loved or hated but not unknown.”

For more from Grant, go to or




Billionaire entrepreneur, philanthropist and technology pioneer Naveen Jain has founded mega-successful tech companies Intelius, InfoSpace, and iNome. But, Moon Express Inc., a company Jain co-founded in 2010, is his most adventurous project yet. With Moon Express, Jain is planning to mine the moon for rare minerals such as gold, cobalt, iron, palladium, platinum, and the most exotic, helium 3. He’s looking at creative entrepreneurialism as a way to combat global problems like climate change, limited access to education, and energy shortages. Because Jain believes that “there is no problem so big that entrepreneurialism can’t solve it,” he is actively working to help entrepreneuers in a variety of fields realize their potential.

Naveen’s advice:

“I think an entrepreneur needs to focus on creating a value for the customer. It has to be like an aspirin to the pain that the customer has. It’s much easier to get attention to the brand that has a clear value proposition for the specific pain point. Most entrepreneurs spend too much time convincing the customer that they have a pain (selling the product with dubious value). Once you have the right product, an Entrepreneur needs to make sure that the brand stands for something that you will not compromise on: Virgin = Fun ; Nordstrom = Great Service ; Costco = Value. Most entrepreneurs think marketing and advertising = brand creation – but I think a great product with a clear value proposition with the company that stands for something creates a lasting brand.”

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Peter Sage, the “enlightened entrepreneur” is a well-known international entrepreneur with twenty-five years of experience in growing fast-paced companies. He has achieved incredible success creating more than a dozen thriving enterprises, nearly all of which are in different industries. But Sage’s most recent venture is focused on his passion for helping others through offering his own wisdom, experience, lessons and mistakes. He is currently involved in bringing to fruition a clean energy solar project in India, where his focus is on providing clean energy to 250,000 families.


Peter’s advice:

“Branding is an expression of not only who you are but also what you stand for. Congruency is everything and mixed messages or positions will confuse rather than consolidate your position. Look for what is unique about you. Your gift, your expression, your signature etc.  Then through the eyes of what that means to your target market and blend the two positions to create an effective translation of who you are, what you do and what it means to those it is for. Use joint venture hook ups and tie into existing momentum with synergistic yet non competing brands and, most importantly, respond timely to those who matter most, i.e your followers.”

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Dan Pena is a high performance businessman, author, entrepreneur, mentor, and coach. His seven-day Castle Seminar on Quantum Leap Advantage (QLA) is held at his residence in the historic Guthrie Castle in Scotland. The seminar and following mentorship utilize his brash style and no-frills mentality which by all measures has been a huge success. Referred to as the “50 billion dollar man,” Pena is credited with creating over 50 billion dollars in value for his mentees. He also has his own series of podcasts called The Quantum Leap Advantage which feature his QLA Seminars and other free content.


Dan’s advice: 

“Branding? To be frank, it’s not my cup of tea. I give all my product away FREE, including my eBooks, audio CDs, podcasts, etc. and I have done so for many years now because I never want to hear another lame excuse for not being successful just because they could not afford my material. And most people consider me to be not PC (politically correct) because of how I talk and how I walk my talk. And that is why I don’t really have a brand per se – LOL! I just do what I do. And there is not one coach out there that can afford to do what I do. I’m not after the money from the people who want my material. Hell, I can live a very long time in luxury without having to work, but I still perform each and every day to the best of my abilities! WTF! Many still question why I set such a high price point for my castle seminars which I have not changed since 1999, and there is a very good reason behind it. It started years ago when I gave seminars for FREE to hundreds of people at a time, and quite frankly, the results were shit in my standards (even if others say that the results were quite good). I wasn’t satisfied because I knew that I could get even better results from these people if I mentored them one-on-one. And to weed out the people who have the real guts, the determination, and the willingness to sacrifice to realize their dreams. I use the price point as the initial filter a rite of passage. Many people won’t realize this, but when you get something for nothing, you don’t value it as much compared to something you got in exchange of a high price point and sacrifice. Those who get through this have a higher chance of succeeding with my methodology. I call it – pay price to action!
My goal now is to drag as many of you across the goal line, to make you do – what you don’t want to do so you can have what you want! Hence, to become all you can be. My advice to you? It’s not just for branding, because if there’s something that you absolutely want to achieve, and you know what it takes to get there, you have to JUST FUCKING DO IT!”

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All of these men have hugely successful brands, yet none of them have the same strategy for getting attention.  So, if there’s one thing to learn from all of these high performers, it’s that there’s not just one way to get attention for your brand, in fact the only limit is your creativity. So, take their tips, apply your own common sense and get your brand to the next level. We want to see you there!

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