Is Gratitude the Way to Success?


Hard work, ambition, ingenuity and perseverance are all qualities that come to mind when we envision the quintessential successful man or woman. While these are all typical qualities of a high-performance person, we may be overlooking a quality more crucial to success than any of the former– gratitude.

I’m not just talking about your every-day “be grateful for what you have” kind of gratitude. I’m talking about being grateful for things you may not yet have, as a way to attract those things into your life.

Prominent entrepreneurs such as Dan Pena, Peter Sage, Zig Ziglar and Alex Ikonn have recently spoken out about the importance of gratitude in their own success. For example, Alex and Mimi Ikkon, founders of “Luxy Hair”, described enjoying what they referred to as “gratitude walks” in an interview with London Real. During these walks, they take turns giving thanks for all sorts of things—including things they don’t yet have. It may seem bizarre but, as Zig Ziglar says, of all the “attitudes” we can acquire, surely the attitude of gratitude is the most important and by far the most life-changing. Even Dan Pena, otherwise known as the “50 Billion Dollar man” agrees that getting into the mindset of the person you want to become, the version of yourself that already owns the Ferrari or mansion, really can put you on track towards achieving those goals. Pena, who famously turned $853 into $400 million in the oil business, confessed that, prior to his success, he would go to luxury car dealerships and “practice” success by sitting in the cars he wanted, where he would envision actually owning them.

Basically, by appreciating your goals as though you have already achieved them, you are preparing for success. Train your mind to affirm and focus only on what’s positive and you will be ready to accept a positive life. As Peter Sage explains,

“Complaining about your current circumstances is the glue that keeps you attached to them.”

So, instead of thinking about the bills you have, and directing all of your passion and energy into that negative thought, which offers you nothing, focus that energy on the massive bank account you desire (as though you already have it) and experience the gratitude, happiness, and relief that would accompany that accomplishment.

Expressing gratitude for things you don’t yet have might feel strange, but it’s difficult to argue with dollars and cents. The number of wealthy entrepreneurs and businessmen and women who’ve credited this method of gratitude as playing a role in their success seems to grow larger every day. And what is there to lose? If nothing else, by practicing gratitude you’ll at least be much happier. So, as you walk to your car from work today, be grateful for the new Ferrari you’ll be driving back to your swanky pad in Beverly Hills. Let that positive energy power your ambition towards your true potential.

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