The Only Investment You Need to Make Billions


“The most important investment you can make is in yourself.”
Warren Buffett

We all instinctively know it, but, somehow, even after hearing one of the richest men on the planet proclaim it’s truth, we struggle to act. Why is the hardest sale, for most of us, selling ourselves on our own value? Why do we hesitate at the thought of investing in a life or business coach, but jump at the chance to purchase the next, latest, iPhone? I’m convinced that the way each of us answers this question is the key determining factor to our life’s success.

“If you don’t believe in YOU enough to invest in YOU then don’t be surprised when others don’t invest in YOU.”  — Grant Cardone

I reached out to 3 highly successful entrepreneurs and businessmen for their take on the importance of investing in yourself. The responses that I received were more than I could have expected.

#1) Grant Cardone @GrantCardone

New York Times best selling author, Grant Cardone is an international sales expert whose intensive training programs have been used by Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs around the globe. He is considered the top sales training and social media expert in the world today. His newest creation, the wildly popular Grant Cardone TV, aims to provide an alternative to mainstream television. Shows like “Cardone Zone”, “Power Players,” “The Ultimate Job Interview” and his wife, Elena Cardone’s “Women in Power” offer valuable business advice and entertainment for success-minded people.

Why is self-investment the best investment?

“The investment I have made in myself have proven more valuable than any other investments I have made in life, including my businesses and even my real estate.  Those that refuse to invest time and money in themselves and their people shouldn’t be surprised with others refuse to invest time and money in their ideas.  My goal each year is to invest 10% of my gross income and 10% of my work time on my personal development.”


We recommend Cardone University, by Grant Cardone, the #1 Sales Training University online. Grant Cardone’s Sales Training University “offers the most robust curriculum for online sales training content on the web today. Cardone has leveraged his extensive knowledge and experience in sales to provide a web-based sales training tool for use in almost any sales team application.”  And the results speak for themselves. Some of the largest and most prolific companies in the world are singing the praises of this program. Join them and invest in yourself with Cardone University.

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#2) Jesse Elder @MrElder

Jesse Elder is a martial arts guru, business advisor, personal development coach, and a student of life, who’s built and sold one of the most successful martial arts training schools in the nation. The multi-millionaire’s coach, Jesse works with some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs to clear the blockages that the prevent them from going to a higher level. As a result, high performers become super performers and experience more happiness, freedom, and financial rewards very quickly. Check out Jesse’s viral Mind Vitamin series, at

Why is self-investment the best investment?

The Reward Multiplier Principle:

You are rewarded in public what you practice in private.
Want positive results? Do positive practice. Want negative results? No practice necessary.

Chew on that thought for a second… is there ANY part of your life where you’d expect results without “doing the work”.

I once sat in the New York restaurant Gato and watched through the glass as chef Bobby Flay moved like a madman thought his kitchen; tasting, testing, directing and PRACTICING his craft.

The highest paid individuals on earth have one common trait – they practice.

And yet, thousands of otherwise brilliant entrepreneurs go every day without the Mental Oxygen that’s a requirement for success. This is why there are ridiculous things like vision boards and bucket lists (AKA “Dream Graveyards”)… because when your skills aren’t rapidly evolving you start to think that TIME is the factor (it isn’t) or that working longer and harder is the secret to success (it isn’t).

Find a way to invest in YOUR capacity, and watch as time disappears.”


Jesse Elder’s Upgraded Life 3.0 Program is a program “specifically about YOU, your relationship with yourself and how you experience the world around you. It is about your future, your talents and special gifts. This program is about how you experience your own thoughts and your own feelings and upgrading these relationships.” Success is more than just wealth, health, or relationships, because no one is happy having mastered only one of these areas. Become a master of yourself and you will master your world. Sign up for The Upgraded Life 3.0 Program now.


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#3) Dan Peña @DanSPena

Dan Peña, or “The 50 Billion Dollar Man” as he is known, is a high performance coach and founder of The Quantum Leap Advantage Seminar (hosted from his Castle in Scotland). Peña has mentored and coached countless to achieve their dreams utilizing his controversial, in-your-face style of teaching. Peña coaches his mentees in the step by step QLA Methodology that he personally used to create  $450 Million!

Why is self-investment the best investment?

“Ask yourself: Have you done everything so that you can be ALL YOU CAN BE? For virtually all of you, the answer is NO! You have to invest in yourself! No one else will give you true love other than yourself! Why do you have to invest in yourself? Because only YOU can! If you want to take care of your mom when she gets dementia, if you want to send your kids to the best of schools, if you want to live the life you have always dreamed of, it takes someone who has reached their highest potential. Invest in yourself. Invest in your future. Not just for you, but for everything you love and believe in! No one else can do it for you!

We all have 2 banks accounts in life: the emotional bank account and the financial bank account. Most people worry constantly over their financial bank account when it’s the emotional bank account you should be focusing on because the emotional bank account runs out way before the financial one. You have to continue learning and investing in YOURSELF. A continuous personal development growth is essential! Maslow’s theory says that human beings progress through a hierarchy of needs until self-actualization is reached. The simile drawn for this process is to build an emotional bank account as defined by Maslow. To build these emotional bank accounts, decision-making and self-actualization are the main components, followed by esteem, love/belonging, safety and the physiological aspect. These will lead to self-actualization, self-actualization will lead to a stable emotional bank account, and a stable emotional bank account means that nothing will ever hold you back and you can just f*cking do it!

On the way to success, there are no short cuts and it starts with getting comfortable with failures. While working on your 2 bank accounts in life, thickening the emotional skin and getting comfortable with failures on the way brings dreams to fruition, these form the absolute basic tenets for high-performance and fulfillment. And once you have reached your highest potential, or have become ALL YOU CAN BE, that’s when today’s dreams become tomorrow’s reality!”


While Peña‘s QLA seminar is admittedly not for the faint of heart, but, by all accounts, it is highly effective. Part of it’s success is due to the fact that it is held at Peña’s private residence, the Guthrie Castle in Scotland. In addition to the inspiring accommodations, mentees receive over 50 hours of interactive seminar with other high performers and individual private time with “The 50 Billion Dollar Man” himself, to discuss their dreams, business, or just their thoughts. Dan’s experience, business acumen, and eccentric (though highly-effective) methods, make his QLA seminar one of the three best ways to invest in yourself. What are you waiting for? Experience everything that true wealth can offer while enjoying the luxuries of a Scottish Castle!

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The easiest way to make a billion dollars is to make yourself worth a billion dollars. Are you ready to invest in your most valuable asset? Take the plunge and commit to your potential– it’s one purchase you’ll never regret!

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