Think BIGGER: 4 Ways To Scale Up


I Wasted 40 years of my life thinking too small and I will spend the next 40 years making up for it.

I can still hear my old man telling me to “Stay under the radar…” “Play it safe”…and “Don’t draw attention to yourself…” he was dead wrong.  This line of thinking cost me 40 years of my life, and I will spend the next 40 years making up for it.  I know that sounds a little dramatic, but deep down, I really believe it.  I have thought too small for most of my life, and my business success suffered because of it.

My small thinking also came from my humble beginnings when I started Commercial Fleet Financing, Inc. in a 1 bedroom apartment with a phone and a folding table in 1995.  No money, no clients and very little hope.  It was about survival not about scale…and it cost me.  I have ended up with a company that does $100,000,000 per year in business, but I should have done it sooner…if I had thought bigger from the beginning.

Scaling up is vital to growth both personally and in business.  The ability to think bigger, dream bigger and therefore, do more, is what is required in today’s crowded and cloudy marketplace.  Bigger is better and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Here are some examples of how I was able to reverse my small mindedness and scale up:


#1) Take time to just think

Just put your feet up on your desk, take a min. to relax and just dream.  Dream about a mansion on the ocean or in the mountains.  Dream about flying first class or maybe in your own jet.  Dream about what you want your life and business to be or become and don’t worry about how you are going to get there…just think about it more.


#2) Partner up with people

You need players around you.  Surround yourself with people who have achieved what you want to achieve.  Don’t play down…always play up.


#3) Team up

Build a team of advisors who can help you reach your goals.  It’s tough to do it alone.  Trust me, I tried it for 15 of my 20 years in business.  Life gets a lot easier when you are surrounded by a great team.  Don’t believe me?  Just think Tom Brady.


#4) Stay out of “false positive”

When you reach a level of success…don’t fall into what I call “false positive.”  Too many people believe they are doing better than they really are.  Just because you can afford a nicer car or fancy vacation does not mean you have made it.  Push yourself to the next level and don’t get satisfied.  Like I say in my book “The Grit”…don’t celebrate the result…celebrate that you had the Grit to achieve the result and keep pushin’!

Small mindedness is connected to fear.  The fear of the unknown and maybe the fear of actually reaching your potential.  Push past fear and reach your potential.

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