Dominate Your Fear. Crush 2016.


I’ve been there. Fear and doubt plague all of us. I used to buy stuff to make myself feel better, so I know what you’re going through. This is the time of year people are realizing the stuff they bought for the holidays, overspent on, took credit out for—none of it makes them forget and overcome the fear and unhappiness. Let me be your personal coach for 2016.

Your ability to reach your full potential as an entrepreneur and experience freedom is determined by the degree to which you can overcome your insecurities. The most important thing to understand is that everyone experiences these emotions to some degree, regardless of how confident and self-assured people may act or portray to others.

After a speaking presentation at Google’s New York office, an audience member asked me, “How do you become so self-assured and confident?” I replied, “How do you know I am self-assured and confident? The truth is: you don’t know what I am experiencing inside—only I know that. You have the impression that I am self-assured and confident, but you don’t know for sure.”

I continued on about the importance of confidence and competence versus fear and I left the presentation alarmed over how big of an issue this is. I have seen so many individuals stop themselves from ever getting started because of that tormenting doubt. So I decided to write down the things I do to handle it.

Follow these 5 steps when fear and insecurity strike:


1. Don’t forget that fear is normal.

When you feel fear or insecurity remind yourself that you’re simply feeling what most other people experience. You are probably doing something that is new for you or that you are excited about. Fear is a normal feeling, and I would be more concerned if you didn’t experience it.


2. Commit to yourself and improving your skills.

My life didn’t get serious until I made a commitment to myself to improve myself. I had been in sales but was not committed to selling. You cannot become great until you commit and when you commit you will need skills to be able to reach the levels of greatness you know you can achieve. Go massive, or go passive.


3. Invest in a coach.

When I feel doubt and fear I think of the greats and I look at what they do to succeed in life and in business. If you aren’t in sales or business think of greats like professional sports players. They have coaches, agents and trainers. Do you think people win the Superbowl or the World Cup without coaches? If you want to dominate like top athletes you must train like top athletes. You must get a coach to keep you on your game year round and you must train. That’s why I started Cardone University—it keeps people in the game long enough to realize their potential.


4. Invest in yourself.

You must invest in income-producing assets to be successful. There is no other way. What asset is more income-producing than you?—nothing. Invest in yourself. Invest in your abilities. Invest in your knowledge. Invest in your training. Invest in your community. Invest in your future. Build true wealth. Build the wealth of competence, skills and get the confidence to overcome fear and doubt.


5. Take 10X Actions.

Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge,” but I will take massive action over either any day. I am not the smartest guy or the most creative, but I assure you that if I operate at 10X levels of action in my market I am guaranteed success and I will dominate. I never use the word ‘action’ in the singular because I have never found that one action is effective enough to not require follow-up. Multiply whatever you think is required: train 10X harder, invest 10X more, hustle 10X harder, make 10X goals—live a 10X life.

If you do these, I assure you that your fear will subside. Let me be your personal coach for 2016. Invest for 1 month with my #1 Training Platform in the world and I will give you the other 11 months free. Thought is instant. You already know it’s life-changing you just need to make the commitment to invest in yourself to overcome your fears. Sign up at

Let me know if this helps.


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