Whatever It Takes: Why Success Is Rare


The word success can take on completely different meanings, to different people. Despite the difference in definitions, the one commonality is the sense of accomplishment associated with the word success. To say that a person is successful, is to say that they have achieved something worthwhile. Success can make anyone feel empowered– like they can achieve anything that they put your mind to.

“The fact is, you were groomed to be average. You have accepted average as a way of life and the way of success is a foreign process to you.”

One thing that I just don’t get, is why so many people believe that producing success is easy. It’s frustrating to hear others proclaim the success that they want for themselves when they have no clue as to how it will be produced.

Sadly, it seems that the vast majority of people who claim that they want success, do not truly want what they are asking for. The reason that this occurs is because many people have no idea what it takes to succeed.

When you think about that last statement, what does it mean to you?

It means that people see what success produces, but they do not know what produces success. Their mind becomes focused on the rewards associated with success and that causes them to want instant gratification without putting in the time and effort that produces successful results.

Instant gratification and success do not mix together at all. Average thinking, actions, and behavior are repellents of success. But when it comes to the desire for success, many people believe that they can somehow achieve it with minimal effort. Such thinking is irrational.

If you told Grant Cardone that success can be achieved in such manner, he would probably laugh at you. His motto is that you must put in massive action to produce massive results, which produces a 10X lifestyle. Saying this, though, is easier said than done. Becoming successful is no easy feat. You will have to reprogram yourself from years of indoctrination. The fact is, you were groomed to be average. You have accepted average as a way of life and the way of success is a foreign process to you.

What does it take to actually be successful?

  • You have to understand that you must completely separate yourself from mediocrity because it will negatively affect your entire life.
  • You will have to understand that you must do what most people find bothersome:
  • Wake up early and get your day started.
  • Work late in order to make consistent progress.
  • Sacrifice short-term enjoyment in favor of long-term plans.
  • Hold yourself accountable for your actions instead of blaming others.
  • Invest in yourself in order to continuously grow.
  • You will have to understand that you must take on risk and accept uncertainty in order to achieve real independence.
  • Realize that is even harder to keep success once it has been attained.

Success is by no means easy to gain, because, if it were, everyone would be successful. You must have a hunger within you that is never satisfied, because, once you become content, you invite failure into your life. If you take a moment to analyze those around you, I am confident you will see that many people are currently operating within failure because they have accepted it as normal. It is easier to be mediocre and fail in life when everybody else around you functions within the same mindset.

Are you able to endure the intensity that you must possess in order to become successful and remain successful? Your time will become dedicated to constantly improving yourself and elevating your position on the ladder of life. Even when you are supposed to be relaxing, your mind will actively be thinking about what more can you do to become better.

The things average people waste their time on will increasingly annoy you. You will have a short fuse for anything that you do not perceive as valuable, because it adds nothing to your life.

Are you really ready to give up being normal in order to become successful?

Don’t say that you want to be successful without also being sincere. There are too many people in the world who are hoping and wishing that success will magically be given to them because they feel that they deserve to have it. Don’t be one of those people. No one is entitled to success. Be one of the few who puts in the work to live a successful life.

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