Why Live Streaming Apps Are The Biggest Untapped Opportunity in B2B Marketing


In the past six months, live streaming has grown tremendously and is starting to become a valuable social media tool for business. With apps such as Blab, Periscope, and Meerkat coming into full force in the social media marketing field, it is now time to take these apps seriously for B2B marketing! As my good friend Robert C Stern likes to call it– the dark sheep of social media. Small businesses are growing at an incredible rate because their personal brands are reaching more people in an authentic fashion. Even multimillionaire Grant Cardone says, “Live streaming has become our own TV channel and advertisement.”

However, the question comes down to “is this helpful for the B2B market?” We know it is helpful for the B2C market, but what about the B2B marketers out there, looking at these platforms and wondering how to use them?

Below are five points on why live streaming apps can make an impact for B2B marketers.

1. Demonstrations

With live streaming, users are able to show their product by displaying demonstrations in real time. The great thing is that anyone can Periscope and Meerkat their product, showing why consumers should trust their brand. For example, GE could demonstrate one of its softwares on a live stream, so that multiple audiences could engage at once and ask questions through the stream.

In addition, users can use live streaming to build relationships with your brand, because, the audience is able to see beyond the brand and the establishment.

Live streaming is going to become massive because it is largely untapped and in it’s early stages for B2B. There’s no better way to bring a demonstration to an audience than an engaging presentation that can be watched from anywhere in the world. This is why I believe live streaming demonstrations bring a huge advantage to businesses that are looking to invest into other’s services.

2) Interaction with the team

Live streaming allows real, live interaction on topics specific to a niche business. Wouldn’t it be neat to see the first five minutes of a business meeting, for a behind-the-scenes look at the conversations they have with each other? With live streaming apps such as Blab and Periscope, businesses are able to build trust with their viewers.


3) Product Launch

Live streaming can be useful, particularly when a company showcases a new product coming to the market! What better way to show a new release of a product by live streaming the launch! For example, if Microsoft launched a new version of Microsoft Office, they would be able to live stream the product launch for live reactions. If a product is introduced though live stream, it will show the originality, authenticity, and increase publicity for the product.

4) Conference and Event Coverage

Conferences, events, and conventions are always big gatherings that everyone loves going to. A mixture of knowledge and networking with individuals is always a fun experience. What if you could make it even more fun? With the inclusion of live streaming apps you can show the entertainment of networking and the amazing knowledge all through an app in REAL time. Instead of planning out how your videos are going to look and what tweet you are going to post, all of your information can be implemented into a live stream where the audience can engage in real time and see the genuine nature of the company.

5) Interviews and interaction with professionals

As they say, content is king; It is important to always have quality content. In order to provide quality content, a live stream interview with other professionals in their respective industry is a fantastic way to display merit to the marketplace. The live experience allows users to trust the business executives and understand why they operate their business the way that they do.

Hope all of you enjoyed this post and gained some merit from it! Please feel free to leave feedback!

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