4 Steps To Happiness


While I may not be the most famous, or rich, or near-perfect person you will read something by today… I do know this: My life has drastically changed since I started applying these 4 steps to happiness.

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I am now more well-known, more wealthy, and more free than ever in my life.  I am living a stable, ethical, hard-working (and fun) life with my beautiful wife of 23 years and my creative teens.  I am confidently just me. I consistently help others.  I have forged my freedom as a successful entrepreneur.

It wasn’t always this way – I have horror stories – but at some point I had to stop trying to just impress others or doing what was promoted by the shock and awe style media-driven society and just BE myself.  Disagree with any negation of your abilities, goals, dreams and dispense self-invalidation. How about enduring the lack of appreciation in a clock-punching j.o.b.? It just gets old and lessens your gifts to offer the world. Just be happy with yourself and trust yourself.

Once I could do that, I had something to offer others; as now I knew MY opinion was worthwhile, I understood it’s value and my skills could contribute to the benefit of others.  You can’t have one without the other, you see?

The first two steps are all you need to practice as doing nothing more will unlock freedom like you’ve never felt before and prosperity follows that naturally!  Helping others is a win-win emotionally and financially. Entrepreneurship is the path I chose to achieve this happiness.  What will you do?  Whatever that may be, live the life that you love. And if I can help you let me know!

David Lee Jensen is a #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker, Coach

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