3 Simple Tricks To Look Fit Without Diet or Exercise

These three easy, simple, and cost-free changes to your habits will earn you compliments and confidence — and make you look skinnier!

#1) Posture

Your mom may have scolded you for slouching. She wasn’t wrong. When you are mindful about putting your shoulders back and straightening your spine you automatically slim your profile and accentuate your upper body because it elongates your torso.

Improving your posture will also improve your state of mind. You will improve your presence in meetings and immediately feel more powerful and in control.

#2) Smile and make eye contact

Try this for a day. Smile when you are interacting with people, but more importantly, do this when you are in public, alone. A genuine smile takes 10 lbs off immediately. And eye contact with a smile is a powerful combination!

Happy people are skinnier — or so we perceive them to be. When you smile, people look. They want to know what you’re smiling about. When you make eye contact you connect with the person on a level that invites them to look at you in a positive light. Smiling and making eye contact at the same time changes how people feel about you and how you feel in-turn.

Do this when you are looking in the mirror too. That’s right, make eye contact with yourself and smile. It will have the same effect on your self-perception.

#3) Wear clothes that fit

Please. Wearing a pair of pants that are too large make it look like you have something in your pants. There, I said it. No one wants to look like they are wearing a diaper, or worse.

Likewise, wearing a shirt, skirt, or pants that are too tight, immediately draws the eye to your worst area or the area that is “bulging”. Doesn’t matter if you are a Victoria’s Secret model or a postpartum mom (I can only relate to the latter) you will always look and feel better in clothes that contour your body — not too big, not too small.

The world responds to us based on how we present ourselves. When we sit-up straight, smile while making eye contact, and wear flattering clothing, we appear confident and in-control. You will receive compliments just by making these small and easy changes.

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