Ask Yourself Why Nobody Knows You


Content is King, sharing is God. What are you doing to get your name out there? If the answer to this is a simple Facebook post here, or a tweet there, or a little video here, I am sorry, but you are headed straight for the pits. In a world where you have to compete with Digital Cats, Anderson Cooper, Isis, and Presidential Debates, it becomes more and more difficult to rise above the noise as they say. How does a thriving entrepreneur know the steps to take and what assets does he have available to get the attention of a potential client, customer or future employee. Video is King.

The answer lies in video. To me Video is and always will remain the frontier, the front door, the first impression and the very thing that will either attract or distract you or potential clients and customers from doing business with you. Grant and I were flying today to Scottsdale Arizona discussing ways in which to expand the Digital Production Company side of Grant Cardone TV, and upon looking at a member of the World Financial Groups website we saw the website was clean and that there was a video on there. The video however was a corporate overall video not the direct agents video. Who is this guy, it is great that you have a video on there but where is the video of you?

Ladies and Gentlemen, its simple– if you don’t have video production being done for your business,  you’re hurting yourself, you’re hurting your expansion, and you’re hurting your growth. Don’t believe me? Check the facts here.

  • 90% of online consumers say a video aids them in the decision to buy
  • 46% of people take action after watching a video ad on a business site
  • 12% of people will purchase the product from the video ad

The goal here is to show the audience how desirable you are, why someone should buy from you, why they should do business with you. For any person showing the pieces and inner mechanics of your work to the public it automatically raises your worth and your value, look at chefs, or high end luxury brands and you’ll see what I mean.

If you are not out there, using some form of production for this, using some means to be noticed your expansion is rather impinged upon. Break out, bust out, develop out and produce out every single aspect of your business who you are and what you do, and you do it through video and video production.

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