8 Personality Traits That Will Make You Indestructible


Tough minded people are made of pure steel, and have a certain grit about them. They don’t go down without a fight and they don’t give up, ever. Other’s look on and wish they knew the secret, they wish they knew why that person is such a bada**.

The fact is that it’s not a secret. 90% of people know what they need to do, but they simply don’t do what needs to be done because it’s ‘too hard’.

That’s going to change. It’s 2016, and you’re worth it. Let’s do this.


1. History Is Your Best Teacher

The past is an incredible source of information. There is a wealth of knowledge to be tapped into, and it’s open for anyone to do so. Once you harness the power of both your own past and the past experiences of others, you will become indestructible.

So you’ve gone through pain, and you’ve been hurt, you’ve made mistakes and you’ve been burned– Get over it and stop bringing it up, in your mind or in conversation. All of your past experiences have molded you into what you are today, and you’re a masterpiece. We must all understand this– that even though we didn’t play Superman in Man of Steel, we are still pretty incredible as a result of what we can and have done thus far.

You can literally learn from thousands upon thousands of different people about their trials and tribulations. Take Walt Disney for example; Before his career took off, he was told that he ‘lacked creativity’ and that he should think seriously about a career change. Michael Jordan was once cut from his high school basketball team. If history has taught us anything, it’s that you should never throw in the towel just because somebody thinks you’re not good enough. After all, success is the best form of revenge.


2. You’re In Charge Of Your Success

You must never forget that success is always within your reach. Whether success means making 10 million dollars, or helping 10 million people in poverty, it’s within your grasp to achieve your goal.

The fact is, success is rarely determined by one’s luck alone. Success is the culmination of 1000 hours (at least) of grinding on your goals. Consistently working towards a target, being completely dedicated, and maintaining relentless optimism are the core traits that will allow you to reach that target.

You will eventually achieve what you have always wanted if you work hard, keep the faith and follow the above principles. While doing so, there is no harm in helping those around you and learning as much as can along the way.

“Your in control of your own success and if you fail… well pick yourself the hell up and try again.”


3. Prioritize Like There Is No Tomorrow

It vitally important that you always prioritize. Prioritize your goals, prioritize your tasks at work, prioritize what your going to eat. We’re given an unending amount of choices in our everyday lives. It is important to prioritize those choices to ensure we are making educated decisions.

So how do we actually do this? Well it’s quite simple really. Take a pen and paper and make several lists. These lists will vary for every person, but for the arguments sake lets take the above examples. One list each for your goals (short term i.e. within on year), work tasks, and meals during they week.

For your goals, write down absolutely everything you would like to achieve this year. Say you have 20 goals written down now, assign traits like how great the accomplishment will make you feel, rolling momentum effect, monetary gain, and inspiration to each goal. Measure which traits mean the most to you, and choose your goals accordingly.

Eventually, this will become second nature, and simply listing your goals and reviewing those goals will be enough for you to ascertain which ones are ultimately most important.


4. Support The Success of Others

One of the greatest abilities of human beings in our world today is the ability to support others. It’s not all about you, and there are always, always people in your life that you should support. Not because you have to, but because you love doing so. Because their success means a lot to you.

“Knowing that you are strong enough to support other people in their endeavors as well as chase your own dreams, is incredibly empowering and is a win-win situation for all involved.”

Be excited for their success, and when it comes, be there to congratulate them. The power of positivity is an incredible trait, they will never forget how you stuck with them through thick and thin, and they will be eternally grateful.


5. Speak The Language of Success

Strong people never complain or whine about anything. They simply see an opportunity to grow in their own abilities to overcome that particular obstacle.

Again, the power of positivity plays an important role here. If you truly believe that you can achieve it, you eventually will. It’s inevitable. Whether you realize is or not, once you firmly believe in what your are doing, you will subconsciously do everything in your power to reach the pinnacle of what you believe.

The bottom line is that complaining has never got someone to a place of sustainable success. The fruits of ones labor have always been achieved through grit, dedication, consistency and faith that they will eventually reach their goal.


6. Always Compete With Yourself

As human beings, we sometimes focus too much on other peoples lives and their successes, instead of focusing on our own. As a result, we naturally compete with them for different reasons. One thing is for sure, we should not be competing with them at all. We don’t know what paths they took to get to where they are today. How can we really compete with them if we don’t even understand what they are doing?

You must always compete with yourself. Each and every day, look at yourself in the mirror and think “What am I going to do today that will make me a better person?” “What can I expand on from a previous day that will help me move forward?” Or, “What am I going to do or improve on today, that I didn’t do so well in the past?”

“Every day, focus on being the best version of yourself. You will soon find that it’s much harder than competing with somebody else.”


7. Constantly Re-Evaluate Your Goals

There is no greater feeling in this world than to achieve a goal that once seemed as if it were an impassable mountain. You’ve done great before and you know exactly what it feels like.

With this in mind, it’s important to constantly ensure that the goals your are working towards are crystal clear. You need to know exactly what you must do, in order to drive yourself in the direction of that goal, and, above all else, you need to have an unquestionable reason as to why you are chasing that dream in the first place.


8. Be Thankful

Successful people are always grateful for their current situation. While their desire for more success is never truly quenched, they still focus on what gifts they already have, such as the power to move forward, their consistency, their positivity, and they people around them.

Never loose sight of what you have already achieved in your life and how amazing those achievements truly are. Take pride in the fact that you are not done yet, and that being & feeling grateful will light a fire of success as whether your realize it or not, you always want more to be grateful for.

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