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The Magic of Give, Give, Give


Selling is the act of giving, not getting, serving, not selling. Unfortunately, most people in sales are looking for their commission and what they’re going to get out of the deal, rather than what they’re going to give, what their product really offers, and how the client will benefit. The old adage is that it’s better to give than to receive, but in selling the only way to receive is to give first.

“I believe that the true essence of selling is not just getting the sale, but the sincere desire to help.”

I also believe that a spiritually aware person will ultimately be a better salesperson than someone who’s just interested in compensation. I believe and have validated in my life that if you give enough in life, life will give back to you. It’s the same in sales as it is in life. I don’t mean giving the lowest price, or giving products and services away for free, but giving the most attention, the most energy, the best attitude, and the highest level of service. Give, give, give is the assurance of sales, sales, sales. If your client wants one option, give them three or six or even twelve options.

A friend told me a story that illustrates the give, give, give attitude. She and her husband were leaving a restaurant in New Orleans one evening, and as they walked out onto the street a haggard-looking man in a threadbare coat approached them. He immediately asked the husband for permission to serenade his wife. Reluctantly, the husband agreed and the man got down on his knees before her right on the sidewalk and began singing.

She said that the incredible voice and heartfelt passion that came from that desperate character was powerful enough to blow the glass out of every window on the block. The man went on singing for two minutes, pouring his heart and soul into that song and giving them every fiber of his being. When he finished, they were speechless. Her husband handed the guy $100. With tears of gratitude, the man thanked them, then ran down the street to a beat-up car where his wife and children were waiting. The only thing that the guy had to offer was his voice and he knew that if he didn’t give it right then and there, his family wasn’t going to eat that night. My friend’s husband, a career salesman, said that he’d been so impressed by the man’s intention to give that he hardly felt $100 was enough for what he received. That man on the street poured his soul into his song with the give, give, give attitude, not knowing if the couple would tip him at all. Regardless, for those two brief minutes, he belonged entirely and completely to them.

Give all of you to a prospect, not just a part of you. Give all of your attention, all of your energy, all of your suggestions, all of your information, and then find some more of you to give! Exceed expectations and go all the way with him and then a bit further. Withhold none of you and give yourself without reservation.

“As a customer or client, I don’t want to have to ask a salesperson for something. I want him to offer it.”

I want him to predict what I need and offer it to me. I want to be provided with what I ask for and everything else that will help me to make a decision. This shows me that he wants to take care of me, is thinking like me, and is actually predicting my expectations and surpassing them all at the same time. Deal closed!

Make it your goal to give 100 percent of your attention to the customer regardless of the quality of the prospect or the estimated odds of closing the deal. Human beings are much more valuable than money. Treat them like that and you’ll be rewarded. Commit to the one you’re with all the way. Handle your phone calls and e-mails later and never allow interruptions. In the business of sales, you have to be willing to serve people, not just sell them.

Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Grant Cardone

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