How to Get Your Message Across: What You Can Learn From the GOP Debates


How to get your message across has been an interest of mine since I was a little boy trying to convince mom and dad to give me what I wanted. I am still learning and trust you are also trying to improve the way you present yourself, build value and get your message across. Last night’s GOP debates proved to be full of insights and things you and I can learn from and avoid.

The first rule of all success is to Show Up. It is my belief that Rand Paul didn’t do himself any good by not showing up for the pre-show. Fox didn’t put him on the main stage so he acted like a little boy and refused to show up. Instead of him being there to possibly break out and surprise everyone he was made fun of by those that did. Bush shows up on the stage physically and then refuses to finish his statements. He throws a punch and then always backs off from following through. He physically shows up but because he is so scripted and taking advice from so many people he is unable to be authentic.

This is what makes Trump so powerful. He keeps it simple, it is true to him, he repeats those thing he knows resonate with people, never over talks his audience, talks only about those things he fully understands, spends no time in the product presentation and continues to repeat what he knows his audience wants to hear. Trump doesn’t complain; he attacks. Ben Carson opened by complaining about not getting enough time and sounds like a whiner then goes on to talk in big words and complexities.

Avoid the following:
1) Over talking the audience
2) Big Words
3) Selling the product and how it works
4) Complaining

Lastly, you have to show up, and skill up to blow up. I have been speaking to audiences for 30 years and I am still learning. Get your message grooved in.

I know you want the training and you have been asking so I made payment plans available on Cardone U. Enroll today. Get your message right and blow up your business.

Your friend in business and in sales,

Grant Cardone

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