Life in the Success Fastlane: What I Learned from the Interview


“The better I can do for myself, the more I can give to the world.”

And that’s just what Mandy Arthur, Senior Editor of has been doing since childhood. In the perfectly “chemistried” interview conducted by none other than the bright, beautiful, and sunny, Sunny Jensen, we see the magnitude of drive and belief Mandy brings to life.  A drive we all dream to have and we can have.  It’s within all of us.

From the days of “pink hair, don’t care,” big teeth (that she has now beautifully grown into), social anxiety, and stuttering, Mandy Arthur has been building empires and encouraging others to believe in themselves and do the same.  “I can be the most relentless” she proclaims, and because of that she has become most successful.  Early in life she overcame ADD and social anxiety with willpower and her adopted mantra, “Do it anyway. Do it NOW.”

Mandy’s entrepreneurial journey began at the young age of 14, by selling her photography to the school principle and developed into running one of the most successful and sought after photography businesses in her hometown.  This only further spurred action. Action into customer service and building businesses.  Action into success.

With her ongoing adventurous spirit, Mandy has lived and breathed by her adopted mantra since her early days and credits much of her success to that.  Also, she eloquently relates success to a racetrack “we’re all running around this racetrack and, okay, you win one race around the race track and you celebrate or you get depressed because you didn’t, but you know what?  Now you’re definitely losing the next race…you have to keep your head down and keep going.“  Keep going right?  Sounds easy enough.   I mean, we’ve all seen Finding Nemo and heard Dori sing, “just keep swimming.”  Do you have the motivation and the WHY behind you to do just that? (I think Mandy is lapping the others thanks to this concept) . A deeper point is driven home when she says, “you can’t just say you’re the best, you must take action…Create with actions, the things you already believe are in you.”  Don’t you think that’s epic?  Heck yeah it is! What if we did just this? What if we let her inspire us?  What if we put our words where the results are?  What if we went out there and got what we wanted…instead of wishing for it?  Constantly learning, constantly growing, constantly challenging ourselves.  What if we did MORE of US?!  More of ourselves.  Embraced what we’re good at and put that into action. Always set goals, attained them, and then set bigger ones. What if??  What if we “do it now?!”

Her interviewer, Sunny Jensen, was ON point with poignant questions.  Jensen pointed out that even superficially we are always learning – “how to do makeup, curl eye lashes, do lipstick correctly.”  Of course, she points out that all this superficial stuff isn’t the only place we’re learning.  This parallels life in business as well.  We are all still learning.  I suppose we don’t have to, we don’t have to continue with self-development and self-improvement…if we want to be mediocre.  But mediocrity is not a part of this interview.  Arthur reminds us that it’s the action that matters. It’s the determination, the drive.  Paraphrased from the interview, “Be obsessed with your own success.  Get on your own success path and run. Stop chasing other people’s success.  Do what you want more of and what fulfills you. Find your own purpose. Be more of you. “

I think THAT is the success package.

Mandy never plans to stop, and you can see that she won’t.  She radiates passion and is on track to turn into a global company helping others to create success.  “Eliminating mental barriers, creating freedom of thought and mind, so anyone can have freedom in the real world”…that’s the mission.

And at the end of all this targeted, driven, mission stated success, Arthur wants to be remembered in a way that’s all about others.  She wants to inspire others enough so that others say, “because of you, I didn’t quit.”

And as Jensen put it, “wow…you just blow me away.”

Doesn’t she?!


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