6 Talents That Will Make You Incredibly Happy



This is something we all crave. In this day and age, our perception of true happiness equates around various elements such as money, social status, a good family, a good job, and several months vacation time. Conventional wisdom and, indeed, experience leads us to feel this way, and rightly so.

However there are many lesser known methods, which have been proven to make us happier almost instantly after being followed. They are as follows.


1. Throw Negative Thoughts Out The Window

A study conducted in 2012 found that when we begin to treat our negative thoughts like physical possessions, we can gain a great sense of satisfaction when we rid ourselves of them. Negative thoughts weigh us down on a daily basis, sometimes so much that we find it difficult to go about our daily activities.

We must make a point to search for any traces of negative thoughts in our lives on a regular basis, and pinpoint the source. We must then, physically go through the action of pulling that negative thought from our head and throwing it out the window. Only then can we be sure that our negative thoughts are not weighing us down.


2. Use Your Vivid Imagination

Our imagination is a powerful thing. One can be broken down and destroyed 10 times over or indeed reborn stronger and smarter on a continuous basis by their imagination. I believe, “if you can imagine it, you can accomplish it.”

I found myself feeling really lazy at home one day, not wanting to do anything productive. Mind you, it was after work, but I would generally feel quite optimistic about getting some to-do’s crossed off my list on a daily basis. Then I made an astounding discovery…

The power of imagination.

While I sat there lazily in my desk chair, I imagined being chased by a vicious horde of zombies. The only way I could survive is by arming myself with weapons and armor, which I could only attain by completing my to-do’s. The more to-do’s I crossed off the list, the better weapons and hideouts I found. It’s that simple. I made my to-do’s compellingly fun to complete.


3. Stop Buying Possessions, Start Gaining Experiences

In this day and age, it’s easy to become caught up in a world of possessions and material things, reaching for more and more physical possessions without cause, or a strong reason as to why we actually want them. 

We need to lay more consideration to attaining experiences in our lives. We need to spend more time reflecting on each and every situation that occurs in our lives and learn from it. Our experiences are much more profound and valuable to us than our possessions and that will never cease to be true.


4. It Is Better To Give Than To Receive

It is far better to give than to actually receive. Especially seeming as Christmas is upon us. Muchmore satisfactions can be gained by giving presents and positive experiences during Christmas than actually receiving them yourself.

I can personally guarantee you (if you possess a good heart) that you will go to sleep a much happier person after giving many gifts on Christmas day and seeing your family’s reactions than receiving gifts yourself.


5. Train Your Brain To Be Happy All The Time

It is very easy to sometimes become unhappy for any amount of reasons, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can just as easily train your emotions as you train your body, or form a new habit. 

Next time your feel a negative thought creep into your mind, why not replace that thought instead with a positive one. Why not link negative events to positive experiences? Why not link negative occurrences to positive lessons learned?


6. Laser Focus

We all know what we want to be happy, or at least know what direction we need to be moving in to reach a certain level of happiness. So why not focus all our attention on achieving our goals that we know will make us happy?

We must focus only on a specific set of goals, and whether those goals are broad or narrow, we will be closer to achieving them and attaining a higher level of happiness for ourselves, simply by focusing on what matters most.

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