The ‘hater’ is defined as a person who greatly dislikes a specified person or thing.  Informal negative or critical person. As a verb, it means to feel intense or passionate dislike for (someone).  To loathe, detest, despise, dislike, abhor, execrate.  Do you know people that have the capacity to hate?  Even more important, do you know those who listen to the hater?

Knowing how to handle haters and those who listen to them will become very important as you become more and more successful.  It will become vital to your success you are able to quickly identify those with the capacity to hate and more important you know how to recognize and handle those who listen.  Those with the capacity to loathe, detest, despise, dislike, abhor, execrate and hate are dangerous to themselves and others.  Those that listen are even more dangerous, in such a damaged state, they would listen to the hater rather than walk away.

Take just a moment to notice the condition of the hater and you will observe they are always surrounded by people worse off than themselves.   Who would listen to those filled with hate?   Only those weaker than themselves!

“The hater is a weak person and those who listen to them even weaker.”

The word hate was derived from Old English  “regard with extreme ill-will, a passionate aversion to.”  So when someone says, “I hate Grant Cardone he is such a ______________.”  When the hater says they hate me what they are really saying,  “I have ill-will, a passionate aversion to promoting, marketing, success, discipline, whatever it takes character, persistence, discipline, providing for family, self-made, entrepreneurship, employers, and turning lives around.”   

When you look up the derivation of the word hate you will see it comes from“grief, sorrow, calamity, trouble, sorrow, pain, anger”.   The hater is a weak person and those who listen to them even weaker.  The hater and those who listen are both filled with grief, sorrow, calamity and represent trouble by definition.   There is no reason to respond to them, for this acknowledges their poor condition.  Simply ignore them and they will go away.  When it comes to those who listen to the hater, rid yourself of them immediately for they are even more dangerous.

Lastly, notice all haters have many things in common:

1) Never do as well as those they hate on.

2) Unable to create anything positive or valuable.

3) Invest energy stopping success.

4) Surrounded by broken people.

5) Makes time to evaluate others but has no time to evaluate self.

Share this so as many haters as possible can read about their pathetic condition. The hater is unlikely to change but possibly those that listen to them will.

I hope you found this useful,

Grant Cardone

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