Every Day is Your Super Bowl


Life is a sport – You either own the team, coach the team, are on the field playing, or you are in the bleachers watching as a spectator. Ever sat in the stands or watched a game on TV? Notice how freely the spectator gives advice to those that are on the field?

Never accept the criticism of those that are mere spectators – they are not on the field, they aren’t in the game and they are not on your team. They are spectators.
In the Big Game of Life, every person, no matter what his profession is, relies on selling. Only a handful of people ever take the time to really learn this game and master it. When I was twenty-five, I made the commitment to know everything there was to know about the game of selling. I began studying the whole area of selling. I started taking notes on every exchange I had with my customers. I even recorded these experiences on audio and video. I would later study the material like a football team reviews playbacks of games.

To become a great football player you have to commit every fiber of your being to the game and still know there’s more to learn. It is no different in sales. The amateur goes out and plays football every Saturday in the park, but he can’t play with the guys over at USC. It’s more than just physical, there is a big mental part of the game.

I eventually was finished with pumping myself up every morning with enthusiasm and hoping for great results in sales. Enthusiasm is great, but it’s not a replacement for knowing. It is vital that you learn to win at the game. If you find yourself backing off anywhere in the sales game, it is because you are not submersing yourself enough in training.

In my organization, sales training is done daily in order to sharpen our skills for the day and make more sales. I recommend you create a checklist for yourself and make sure you reach and exceed each target and then continue to better yourself the next day.

• Write fifty emails to clients: DONE.
• Demonstrate my product to ten people in person: DONE.
• Close three new deals: DONE.

Treat these items as a game and improve your “score” every day. What if you had only one hour to win the game? You can’t take breaks when you’ve got to work the ball down the field.

Champions decide to win the game with what they have to work with and focus on winning whatever game they’re playing in life. You need to sell yourself on what you need to do today to make today great. A true professional salesperson is impervious to any negativity because he is a pro and is operating at levels far beyond the average player of the game.

The pros aren’t spectators. Get active and make things happen!

Your friend in business and sales,

Grant Cardone

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