The Missing Link in Achieving Your Fitness Goals


With so much hyper-specific advice out there on different styles of training and areas of fitness, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. Everyone has different fitness goals, ranging from generally active to fitness as a lifestyle.

These goals will keep you grounded and force you to look at the big picture in your approach to incorporating physical activity within your life.

1. Be In It For The Long Run.

Right now, you might be hitting the gym pretty hard, getting yourself into the best shape of your life. Of course, it won’t always be that way, so just realize that fitness should be a part of your life for decades to come.

2. Get Onto a Healthy Nutrition Plan.

Picking out an effective nutrition plan depends on what your fitness/health goals are, but the general idea of getting more fruits and vegetables in your diet, along with plenty of protein and complex carbohydrates is something most people will agree on. Working out how much to consume of each will depend on your specific fitness goals. Do your best to limit junk food and other sources of empty calories.

3. Have a Consistent Approach.

Having a set workout routine is integral to optimizing your results and should be one of your main fitness goals. Once you establish a program that works for you, you’ll become more efficient, and making tweaks to your routine shouldn’t be too difficult as you make progress. If you aren’t sure where to begin, know that just showing up to work out is more than half the battle – you can hash out a more specific schedule as you move ahead.

4. Improve Your Flexibility and Balance.

Many people lose flexibility and balance with age, “When your flexibility decreases the integrity of your joints are compromised leading to joint injuries, muscle tears, broken bones, etc.” Flexibility and balance aren’t normally at the top of the list for guys as they try to improve their fitness, but it’s something that certainly comes into play as a person ages.

5. Improve Your immune System.

In a lot of ways, this one could be a goal that flanks a lot of your other goals. Part of the reason you work out is to feel better, so naturally, exercise can work to improve your body’s resistance to a number of diseases. Various studies have found that physical activity boosts your immune system, which obviously helps you now, and maybe even more as you get older.

6. Focus More On Establishing Healthy Habits Than On Results.

You’ve probably seen others doing the exercises you want to complete, exhibiting the exact body type you want to achieve. It’s easy to get caught up in results and what’s going on in front of your eyes, but it’s more beneficial to focus on what sort of habits bring about the results you want. Don’t look at the numbers involved with someone who has achieved what you want to achieve, look at the habits that that person practices. Habits lead to the achievement of other overarching goals.

Take risks that push you toward your personal goals and you will never live a day in regret. 


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