So You Think You Can Sell? 5 Points To Determine Your Skill Level


Most of us think that selling is not for everyone. However, it can be a skill you already possess and you may not even know it. Don’t believe me? Let’s talk about parenting for a moment. After years of failed attempts at the “finish your dinner so you can have dessert” challenge with my own children, I discovered I needed to “sell” the dessert by more than just offering it…I needed to implement the “fear of loss.” It doesn’t always work but can work wonders if executed correctly. What is the value of the desert to a child? Is it their favorite flavor of ice-cream?

Without even realizing it, you are learning and teaching yourself and others new methods and sales techniques on a daily basis. And a lot of these techniques are used in the business world on a regular basis.

For example:

#1) Fear of loss.

Just like the example above, you have probably used this technique with your children at some point. If you don’t have children it may have been used with your siblings, parents, pets even your relationships etc. It’s a fairly simple technique that doesn’t take a whole lot of effort. It’s human instinct. “If you don’t finish your dinner, no desert” or “if you don’t behave in the store, we are leaving without a toy.” Maybe even, “If you don’t put a ring on it, I’m leaving.” Hey, we have all been there before!


#2) Dealing with price objections.

This one comes up a lot in your day to day life. Anywhere from the gas pump to the grocery store to those much needed brand new sneakers. You debate in your own mind about the value and worth. Think about it for a moment…what do you say to yourself? “Well, this IS the only gas station for miles” or “these are pretty nice shoes and durable too” maybe even, “I do like shopping at this grocery store because it’s clean, even if it is a little more expensive.” These are all ways we justify a purchase. We are selling value to ourselves! Crazy isn’t it?


#3) Emotional benefit.

Yes we sometimes even purchase items solely for emotional satisfaction. “What will this do for my ego?” Or, “what will my friends think” Maybe, “I bet they will be impressed.” Sales consultants know this and use this technique with you as well. It’s no secret, we know making a purchase also effects your emotional self. “This looks great on you, you should totally buy it to bring out the color in your eyes.” (Ok, maybe not exactly that way)


#4) Likeability.

This one is easy, people buy from people they like. Think about one of your own experiences with a purchase you made or even a restaurant you visited. Did you tip your waiter? Were they likable? Did you tip more based on their likability? Of course service has to be great but likeability is absolutely part of the transaction.  Do you possess this skill? Are you “likeable?”

#5) Negotiation.

Although this technique takes some serious skill you probably already have it! Don’t you negotiate at bedtime? This is different from “fear of loss” because you are negotiating something that appeals to both you and your prospect. It doesn’t necessarily have to be bedtime, what about the car dealership? Haven’t you been taught to negotiate with the salesperson? More times than not this is a natural skill that you possess and have used at some point in your life.

These are only a few of the traits we as humans, and salespeople possess naturally. You probably already use these skills on a regular basis, now imagine how much more successful you could be if you really focused in on these skills and actually used them? Again, some people are just not cut out for sales then again you may surprise yourself.


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