6 Habits of Highly Successful People and Why They Don’t Need a New Year’s Resolution


How many of you have noticed that you’ve been on autopilot lately? Maybe you started a routine at the beginning of the year as your “New Year’s Resolution”, but slowly started to pull back and left it behind. When was the last time you stopped to reevaluate your strategy and readjust? In this article, I will uncover 6 habits of highly successful people and why they never need to make a New Year’s Resolution.

#1) Work out

You used to work out, but lately it’s been difficult to stick with a regimen that works around your schedule. Sometimes we make excuses without even realizing it. At one point, you started a work-out routine that easily fit into your daily schedule, now, suddenly, it’s just not realistic? Why?

The most successful people tend to put their health and wellness first. We know a healthy diet and exercise is good for us and keeps our bodies feeling good. It gives us natural energy and even helps us sleep better, yet, for some reason, shortly after the New Year we just kind of….stopped.

Tip: Set a reminder every morning, and tell yourself every night, before you go to bed, that you will commit to at least 20-30 minutes of exercise every day. If this means getting up a little earlier or going to bed a little later, do it! Remember how great you felt before and commit to it! You will thank yourself later.

#2) Meditate

Some habits of successful people include spiritual regimens like prayer or meditation. This helps relax the mind and gives off positive vibes which will be reciprocated throughout the day. If you used to do this and stopped, I encourage you to make it a part of your daily routine again. This can easily fit into anyone’s lifestyle no matter how busy you happen to be throughout the day.

Meditation can be done at home, work, and even in the elevator. Meditation can consist of deep thought. It’s pretty simple! As long as this doesn’t take your focus away while driving, try turning off the radio and just “think.” It gives us a chance to decompress and it relax. Don’t give up something that has proven to be such a positive part of your life, because you think you don’t have time.


#3) Drink Coffee or Lemon water

Ah, the good ole’ morning Java! It’s been scientifically proven, time and time again, that moderate amounts of caffeine from coffee beans, not only help the digestive system function properly, but also provide healthy amounts of antioxidants which is great for good health. (Keep in mind that I wouldn’t recommend drinking coffee if you are sensitive to it.)

Another great alternative is warm lemon water. Some of the most successful people in the world happen to drink lemon water in the morning, before a workout, instead of coffee. Lemon water can provide those who drink it with optimal digestive health. Packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, it can strengthen your immune system, clear up your skin and even prevent you from getting sick. You will feel great, look great, and get that burst of energy you were hoping for.


#4) Listen to something motivational

This is a given! Whether its music or motivational videos, listening to something motivational and positive seems to have a huge impact on our attitude. Start off the day with something positive (you can even incorporate this with your daily workout routine.) Kill two birds with one stone and save yourself the excuse. Periscope, Blab, and now even Facebook, are popular platforms for motivational broadcasts– depending on who you follow, of course. People like Grant Cardone, Tony Robbins, Tai Lopez, Gary Vaynerchuk, and even 14 year old motivational speaker Caleb Maddix broadcast regularly.


#5) Dress for success

I love this one, because it has such a huge effect on us and we may not even know it! Dressing up gives us confidence, it makes us smile brighter, we stand taller, and we feel good about ourselves. We tend to give more than 100% when we feel good about ourselves. It could be as simple as your shiny new shoes or a great pair of earrings– whatever it is, wear something that makes you feel great!


#6) Write down your goals

The habit of writing down goals came up a lot, as I researched for this article. There’s no doubt that writing down your goals on a daily basis can help you keep focus. There’s real, tangible benefits to keeping your “eye on the prize,” as they say. Doing so gives you a better understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish, while reminding you of all the things you want and needed yesterday, and the day before. It pushes you towards the future and even brings out the not-so-realistic things you may want to edit later. However, this helps you and for whatever reason, it has been proven to be extremely helpful so, do it!


Much of our lifestyle consists of so much more then we realize. We start taking shortcuts that include anything from driving and eating, or talk texting while driving, maybe even scheduling appointments through Siri. We somehow forget about our own goals and our own health. We aim for a new year’s resolution because we think it will help us get back on track but really it’s just a crutch. If you make a healthy lifestyle a habit, and make time for yourself on a regular basis, you will not only feel great but you’ll be on a one way road to success. Keep this in mind: you rule your life, it doesn’t rule you!







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