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How One Company Turns it’s Customers Into Walking Ads


“Customer service is the new marketing.”

Derek Sivers, Founder CD Baby

Can you think back to a time where you chose to do business with someone solely for the positive experience? I can, as a matter of fact there has been more than one occasion. In this article I will talk about my experience with Discount Tire. There have been several incidences where this particular store out-shined the rest by simply providing great customer service. The atmosphere, the sense of urgency and pep in their step brings somewhat of a heavenly illusion of absolute greatness. Just walking into one of these stores instantly fires you up and sets something off in your brain that tells you “you want to give them your money” Could it be the delicious smell of brand new tires that peaked my senses? or the sound of order and structure every time the glass door leading to the warehouse is opened and closed? What could it be that just makes me feel… pleasant?

“To give without any reward, or any notice, has a special quality of its own.”

— Anne Morrow Lindeberg

Recently, I stopped by this particular store to air up my daughters bicycle tires. Yes, her bicycle tires. Now this may seem odd to some of you but I knew they had free air service for your car, so why not your bike? I decided to give it a shot. As I pulled up, I was greeted by a gentleman with a bright smile and ever so helpful demeanor. No surprise right? If you know anything about Discount Tire, you know these guys could be standing outside in above 100 degree dry, Summer weather in AZ, dripping sweat from their foreheads and still have a smile on their face. Luckily it wasn’t 100 degree weather that day but still, a little warm.

“There is a spiritual aspect to our lives-when we give, we receive-when a business does something good for somebody, that somebody feels good about them!”

Ben Cohen, Co-Founder Ben & Jerry’s

I greeted him with a smile as well, “I have a weird question” I said to a service rep named Jerie. He replied with “Well, I have a weird answer” We both laughed (instant likability) I hesitantly continued with my question. Jeri responded so pleasantly to my silly question, I was relieved. “Sure I can do that for you!” I know, I know… no big deal right? Wrong! He could have told me they didn’t have time due to the line of cars behind me waiting for their tire service, or even refer me to the gas station across the street which also provided “free air” But Jerie happily helped me out anyway. He even smiled while doing it. This was an awesome start to a great weekend. I thanked him for his help and finally my daughters and I were off for our bike ride. Little things like this really have such an impact on your customers. If only more of the retail industry knew this and trained their employees to provide great customer service.

There was also another occasion where my sister had such a great experience with discount tire she would drive an additional 10 miles just to use their service. These guys gave her such a great deal in the past and an awesome experience, she refuses to buy tires anywhere else. They are always so understanding, cheerful, professional and reliable. In my opinion, Discount tire is by far the best tire retail organization I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. I will continue using their services because of their great customer service and because of the experience they provide to me and my family members. I will continue referring them to friends and family as well and I will even occasionally drop in with my daughter’s bike, when needed.

In closing, the employees and the company as a whole, at Discount Tire, really give the rest of the industry a run for their money. If you want your customers to come back, you have to give them a reason. A great experience is definitely a reason to come back. After all, we are all human and there is no better feeling than being treated as such.

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