5 Distinctions of Extremely Motivated People


There are so many highly motivated individuals in our world today.  These people always seem to be in top form, no matter what is going on around them, or what they have to do on a daily basis.  How do they do it?

From years and years of following these people, and indeed, working my hardest to be highly motivated just like them, I have noticed several characteristics of the super motivated.

Here are the 5 Distinctions of Extremely Motivated People:


1. Focus

Being focused is certainly one of the most important traits of the ultra motivated.  Focus is what allows us to continue working hours on end towards a particular goal of ours.  Of course, it is recommended that you take breaks every so often to rejuvenate yourself. However, if you are highly focused on what you are doing, you may feel time slip by much faster than you think– this is actually a side effect of being focused.

We must always take the good with the bad and vice versa, to be completely aware of our situation.  To be fully focused, is to give a certain task or set of tasks your complete attention for some time– with a disclaimer, as long as you do not cause any harm to your own health, both physical and mental, in doing so.

This means that you can spend hours on end working on something, without taking a break, if you are sure that you don’t need to take a break.  Some of us definitely try this, and, again, for some it’s perfectly fine, but for others, breaks are necessary. We must all read our own situations and bodies to ensure we take breaks when they are needed– or, at least take them every so often for a change of scenery at least!


2. They Write Down Their Goals

It’s important to write down exactly what it is you would like to achieve. To write down your goals is a success in itself as you are no longer just thinking about doing something, you have actually taken a step in the direction towards working on that goal. You are already doing great. In writing down a goal you have made some commitment towards working, and hopefully, achieving that goal.

“Those who start are already ahead of 99% of those who have not yet begun.”

Of course, writing down a goal and actually beginning to work on that goal are entirely different. However, seeing a goal written down in your own hand writing does give you a sort of validation with regards to the idea behind the goal. It’s easier to feel more secure about your decision, and give yourself permission to begin work on that goal. In order to become and keep yourself motivated towards working and achieving your goals, it is essential, quite simply, to first write those goals down!


3. They Reflect

One of the ingredients of remaining motivated, is to have a certain level of willpower, which you can essentially use to kick start any task that you may have to complete or work towards on a given day. And where does willpower come from?

Willpower can be found and created in a lot of different ways. One of the strongest methods I have come across is through self reflection. To look back, (and please note here I am a strong advocate of only ‘looking back’ for constructive reasons such as the reason explained in this example or to recall a lesson, for example) and to remember ones achievements, lessons learned, or particular milestones reached, no matter how big or small, is certainly a great source of willpower and motivation.

Motivation can be used to fuel your desire to accomplish more and more. The more you achieve (or indeed the more you fail as long as you learn from your mistake(s)), the more you drive yourself forward to accomplish more. Once you get the ball rolling, your momentum will continue to grow for as long as you are committed.


4. Exposure and Network

In the human body and mind there are many different feelings, moods, or frames of mind that we can each experience. While the feelings of success, productivity, and happiness are among the some of the most important feelings we need to experience in order to stay motivated, there are many other feelings that we experience that may force us in the other direction and cause us to feel unmotivated. More tips on what makes a productive lifestyle located here.

We should, of course, avoid these feelings at all costs, and there are several methods we can use to accomplish this. We should strive to remove ourselves from the path of negativity as much as we possibly can. While we cannot ever fully avoid negative thoughts or experiences as they are natural in everyone’s lives, we can reduce the effect they have on us. We should simply deal with whatever negative situation we may be in as quickly as we can and then move on, not devoting any more time thinking about the situation than is necessary.

Similarly, we should only network with positive individuals as far as possible, and try our best to avoid those who are prone to complaining unnecessarily or who are generally negative. It really does not matter what they are negative about, if an individual takes the time to complain about something they are not going to do anything about, they are essentially wasting their time, and they might as well have been talking about something more positive to begin with!


5. They Are Grateful

This is more of a wildcard characteristic of motivated individuals, as it can vary from character to character. However, I have found this to be true more times than not, with regards to the motivated people I have met in my life so far. I think the more grateful you are, the more motivation you will harness. In essence, to be grateful in general is to be happy with what you have.

This does not mean you’re okay with settling, it just means that you are or could be thankful for a number of reasons. For example, for what you currently own, your current health, your career etc. To be grateful is to be positive, and to be positive towards your current situation, on the regular, is extremely useful in motivating you to achieve your goals.


I would love to know what points resonate with you the most, so please leave a comment if you have 30 seconds to spare!


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