Why Salespeople Will Never be Replaced by Technology


Even with all the new technology, trends and concepts that give us ways to provide better service to our consumers, the true fundamentals of great service are still the same. It’s always been about recognition, valuing your customer and caring about their needs.

Let’s face it, today we are forced into a situation where price is a big issue and simply put, customers just expect more. They want the convenience of extended hours, access to online shopping and of course, websites with mobile capabilities. Whether your company provides these features or not, the one thing that will never change is the experience that is expected and required.

For some time we thought technology was taking over human interaction and would eventually replace us, but from everything we have witnessed, it seems as though we are moving towards a revolution. Not only are we drifting from online shopping with mobile websites, but we are coming through with more and more ways for consumers to contact us by… phone.

Click to call

Phone training is absolutely necessary in any organization but the “click to call” feature on mobile sites, gives us even more reason to focus on the customer experience and to make sure we are handling these calls with care.

Where are your calls being routed to? Who is tracking these calls? Are they being monitored? Do your employees know what process to follow when answering the phone? Is your process customizable? In other words, are they permitted to strictly adhere to a special “script”? Is that something you are willing to bend?

Customers want your genuine attention and interest and they can most likely tell when you are following a script. Your consumers expect to communicate with a professional when calling your dealership not a robot. Phone training should be a requirement as well as basic customer service training.

The BDC is not dead

That’s right, the BDC is not dead. They are popping up more and more in dealerships around the US. The main job function of a business development representative above all else, is customer service. Is it not? See the thing is, customer service jobs require you to have a great attitude.

Don’t just interview and hire for skill alone, hire based off of attitude as well. These positions can be so emotionally demanding and draining at times, that it’s almost overwhelming for some. You have to have the right mindset to serve your customers selflessly. So make sure the person you interview fully understands the demands of the position.

“Let your handshake be a greater bond than any written contract.”
Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience 

The handshake will remain

There has always been something special associated with the handshake. It’s a greeting at times, it’s an acknowledgement of “job well done” but most importantly in our industry, it’s a “done deal”.

A handshake can say a lot about a person. I won’t try to pretend I am a psychologist by any means but we all know a firm handshake and eye to eye contact, is an unspoken sign of “I trust you enough to give you my money”. I don’t see robots providing the warmth of a handshake anytime soon…do you?

The takeaway from this article is simply this; Human interaction is what makes us…human! You can’t replace sweat, blood and tears with a few microchips, metal and rust.  There is no comparison to the customer experience when it’s provided so carefully and thoughtfully from an individual who actually really cares. Compassion can NEVER be replaced with a robot.

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