7 Attributes of Extremely Powerful People


In our world, there are tens of thousands of people whose strengths are limitless.

They walk among us everyday. The achieve great things. They are focused and they never show weakness. They motivate and inspire us.

How, exactly, do they do it? Without rest, without complaints, and without a second thought they push the boundaries on what we think is possible.

Each of these powerful individuals are successful (not all success revolves around money, fame & power) in a completely unique way. However, there are several core attributes which they all seem to possess.


1. They Are Strong Minded

We all know someone who cannot be knocked down, and who never lets anything get in their way. While we sometimes complain that there are just too many things not going our way, they are literally fighting the currant and winning. Those who are strong-minded are seeing obstacles, not problems. They are becoming stronger with each and every apparent problem that dares to come their way, and you know what? They welcome it.


2. They Don’t Feel Pain

Some of us consciously decide to give up when we think something has become too difficult for us. This kind of attitude can spill over into many other areas of our lives, and while we are deciding that we can’t do it, our powerful friends have already committed themselves, made a plan, and began executing it. How the heck do we expect to grow, if we give up when the going gets tough?


3. They Live By A Code

No matter whats going on around them, powerful people do not buckle under pressure. They know their values and their beliefs, they will not let anyone sway them to make a bad decision. They know that if someone falls down and cannot pick themselves back up, we should help them. They believe that, if you are strong enough to help, then you should do just that. They will not join in the conversation, which is aimed at picking on somebody (in fact 9 out of 10 times they will stand up for that person). They do not follow. They lead.


4. They Are Focused

Mandy distractions exist in our everyday lives. We have a million and one things to do– and that’s on a good day! This distracts us, and we sometimes don’t get as much done as we hoped. The truth is that we can get as many tasks as we want completed in a single day, if we can just find our own way of becoming focused. For some it’s music, or lighting a candle, for others it’s a trip to the gym, or cooking your favorite meal. We can all reach levels of focus we never thought possible.


5. They Don’t Care What Other People Think

Powerful people don’t really care about what others think of them. They do what they believe is right, and fully commit to it. They make things happen, instead of making sure everybody is “okay” with it. Bottom line is that they don’t care if something may be perceived as right or wrong, because if someone is judging them, they know that judgmental person is not a person they need in their life.


6. They Are Optimistic

Who doesn’t like an optimistic person? The truth is that it’s really difficult to actually not like a person who sees the positive side of any situation. A person who is the voice of reason, no matter what, and who won’t let the cards they have been dealt at any given time determine how they feel, is powerful. Powerful people don’t take cards, but deal them out instead, and anytime there’s a problem, no matter how unlikely it is that they will win, they go ahead and drop a straight flush.


7. They Don’t Waste Time

Every day we have so many tasks that we want to get done. But, sometimes, we fall short and only complete some of our daily quota– it’s normal, and it happens a lot. The thing is, failing should should not be considered normal to us. Even so, we can avoid this problem all together by simply not wasting our time in the first place. Say “no” more often, and get some work done!

“When you’re out there partying and horsing around, someone out there at the same time is working hard, someone is getting smarter, and someone is winning.  Just remember that.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger


The single mother taking care of her two kids, working a job and taking care of the house, the teenager financially supporting her parents, while going to school, the old couple struggling to pay their mortgage, but still buy their grandson those new shoes he’s always wanted– we don’t see these people, even though sometimes they are the strongest of all.

The next time you see people like those described above, stop and offer them your help. Take 5 minutes out of your day and make theirs. You have the power to do that in just 5 minutes, and anything in the world that you can believe, you can accomplish in the remaining 23 hours & 55 minutes.

Forget the norm. Go out and work for what you deserve.

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This article was originally published at JoeyT.net

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