Is Wealth-Shaming Keeping You Poor?

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“You cannot become poor enough to help someone who is poor.” — Jesse Elder

There’s no denying that the gap between the wealthiest Americans and the poorest is widening every day. The term “income inequality” has become an infamous buzz word tossed around by politicians, on both sides, looking to further their policies or tap into the fear and frustration of the public.

And it has worked, so far.

Many Americans look at top earners with jealousy, envy, and anger. They’ve even begun to resent wealth, and classify the wealthy as evil or bad.

“The only way you can talk about money in our society today is if you’re poor!” — Grant Cardone

What if I told you that your belief that wealth, and those who have it, are bad, is the reason that you’re poor?

By demonizing money and those who have it, you guarantee that you will never achieve financial freedom. You cannot attract wealth into your life by denying it’s importance. Remember, without money, you would die. So, a certain amount of money is essential to your survival.

“Money won’t make you happy, but neither will being broke or just getting by.” — Grant Cardone

Here are 7 beliefs about the wealthy that are keeping you poor:

1. They’re greedy.

Greed: noun, excessive or rapacious desire, especially for wealth or possessions.

It’s true that the rich want to grow their wealth, that’s how they became wealthy. They also know that, at any time, they may be faced with an unforeseen upset in the economy, illness, or another crisis that they will be better prepared to handle with abundant funds. They understand that they do not need “enough” they need “too much”. There’s greed at every income level, even the poor, so, to say no one who is rich is greedy would be a falsehood. In fact, I will say that most of the wealthy have an excessive desire for wealth or possessions. I would not say that they have a rapacious desire for wealth or possessions. It should come as no surprise that, those with an excess of wealth have an excessive desire for wealth, and it isn’t a bad thing. You should desire wealth and you should acquire wealth by providing a wealth (value) to others. Many highly successful individuals, like Mark Cuban, refer to money as a way to keep score in the game of life, saying, “money is a scoreboard where you can rank how you’re doing against other people.”


2. They have no morals.

It is a very popular belief that, because a person is rich, they can’t be ethical. I wonder where the idea that wealth and ethics are mutually exclusive came from. Clearly this is false, as some of the most giving and kind people in the world are also some of the wealthiest people in the world. Take Warren Buffet or Bill Gates for example. Both Warren and Bill are considered in the very top echelon of earners on this planet, both are also two of the most charitable people on this planet. They have used their wealth to effect positive change and make a bigger impact.

“I realized ten years ago that my wealth has to go back to society. A fortune, the size of which is hard to imagine, is best not passed on to one’s children. It’s not constructive for them.” — Bill Gates


3. They were born rich.

There are many individuals who are born into wealthy families, there are even more who are born into the middle class and poverty– neither circumstance guarantees a particular destiny. People like Daymond John, Barbara Corcoran, Grant Cardone, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg have come from nothing. The list of self-made millionaires and billionaires goes on and on. Wealthy families do not have a monopoly on success. Now, more than ever, the only investment an individual needs, to create billions, is an investment in themselves. Each day another website is sold for millions, an app is created that changes the way we live, new technology is born from a basement– the biggest mistake that you can make is believing that your lack of capital is a barrier to opportunity.


4. They don’t work hard.

Yep, that’s the secret. You’ve finally cracked the code. The reason wealthy people have so much money is because someone comes to their door every morning and drops off a basket of cash. It’s that simple… Not! While it is true that you wouldn’t see many established, very wealthy individuals pounding a hammer, or doing other manual labor, that’s no indication that they do not work hard. In fact, if you look at the average millionaire’s history, there has probably been plenty of manual labor in his or her life, but, as many learn, manual labor is not usually the way to wealth. The key to wealth is working smarter, not harder. Analyze the ROI of your various actions. Which actions produce the most return on investment? Clearly, trading stocks is more profitable than swinging a hammer, but being a stock trader requires skill. The great thing is that most of the information you need to hone your skills can be found in books, and, for the price of your monthly cable bill, you can stock up on knowledge.


5. They look down on others.

Those who are not wealthy tend to think that the rich look down on others. While some individuals may look down on others, whatever their income level, the majority of the wealthy strive to help those who are going through what many of them had to go through, on their way to the top. It is true that the successful tend to spend the majority of their time with other highly successful individuals. You know the saying, “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”? This is a rule that most of the wealthy follow to a “t”.


 6. They don’t have any problems.

This may be the biggest misunderstanding on this list. Those who have a lot of money, certainly do not have any fewer problems than those who are not wealthy– in fact, they almost always have more. An abundance of wealth can make anyone a target– and targets are constantly being shot at, metaphorically. In addition to being a target, the more wealth a person has, the more responsibility and risk they take on. If a corporation has a problem, it’s CEO has a problem– and these problems tend not to be small. The more a person does and undertakes, the more push back and resistance they will meet. It’s not about getting to a place with fewer problems or barriers, it’s about becoming exceptional at handling any problem and navigating any barrier.


7. They’re just lucky.

Thankfully, the harder and smarter you work, the luckier you will get. So, in that sense, yes, the wealthy are lucky. However, they work very hard to be lucky, and they’ve probably endured a lot of bad luck to get to the “good” luck. Saying that the wealthy are just lucky, and that luck was the determining factor in their success, is a total cop-out– it’s one of the best ways to ensure that you will never be wealthy. Highly successful entrepreneurs such as Oprah Winfrey, Robert Kiyosaki, and Naveen Jain have all reiterated the sentiment that luck is created. Do not wait, do not wish you were lucky– be so persistent, so absolutely relentless in your pursuit of success that “good luck” is the only possible outcome.

“I believe that people make their own luck by great preparation and good strategy.” — Jack Canfield


Put an end to the excuses and begin to find solutions. What are the wealthy doing that you can emulate? Do you know anyone who is more successful who might mentor you? How can you up your skill level to up your earning potential. You are not your circumstances! As Grant Cardone says, “there is no shortage of money on this planet, so if you have a money shortage then it is a problem with you, not the availability of money. It has been said many times, “if you took all the money on the planet and divided it up evenly amongst everyone, those who were wealthy before would end up with the majority again over time.””


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