20 Habits Of Highly Successful People


It’s more than money and great ideas. The level of success you achieve in your life is largely a result of the things you do without thinking–your habits.

It’s no surprise then, that the habits of people like Tony Robbins, Bill Gates, or even Oprah Winfrey, can vary drastically from those of the average person (that’s probably why they’re NOT average). Anyway, here are 20 habits of highly successful people, to incorporate into your daily life.

1. They’re always hunting for solutions.

Highly successful people look for, and find, opportunities where others see problems.

2. They don’t play the blame game.

Instead of blaming others, they take responsibility for their actions and outcomes (or lack thereof).

3. They focus on their strengths.

The most successful people in the world maximize their potential by focusing on their strong points, and strengthening them. This way, they use what they have been given in an effective and efficient way, to get the most out of what they have.

4. They’re efficient.

They are not just busy, but productive and proactive. They’re the people who “can’t sit still” and because of that, come across a lot more opportunities.

5. They choose their friends wisely.

The successful surround themselves with positive, like-minded people. They understand that there is nothing more expensive than a negative thought. They also know that if you surround yourself with 10 successful, high performance people, you will likely become the eleventh.

6. They’re authentic.

Highly successful people innovate rather than imitate. They know that the biggest opportunities lie in originality.

7. They take more, and bigger, risks.

Only by taking calculated risks – financial, emotional, professional and psychological, are you able to achieve the extraordinary.

8. They have a plan.

Rather than let chance take its course, the most successful people have a definitive plan for their life and business. They do not just go through life letting things happen to them, conforming to the circumstances they find themselves in. Successful people work methodically at turning their plan into a reality.

9. They aren’t stuck in the past.

A key habit of highly successful people is that they are adaptable and embrace change. They are comfortable with, and accept, the new and the unknown.

10. They persist.

The road to success is cut through failure. Highly successful individuals must make being resilient a habit. When most would throw in the towel, they are just getting started.

11. They let go of the small things.

It’s impossible to put 100% of your energy into growth and expansion if you’re constantly letting the small things weigh you down. The successful resist spending any time or emotional energy on things over which they have no control.

12. They walk the walk.

In order to gain the confidence and respect of others, highly successful people know that they must practice what they preach. Successful people don’t talk about things in theory, they speak from experience.

13. They make healthy choices.

Most successful people know to stay in shape and understand the importance of physical health. They know their creative power and business ability is directly linked to their own physical well-being.

14. They are confident, but not arrogant.

Those who’ve achieved massive success know that confidence is oftentimes the determining factor in whether a deal is made. By believing and trusting in yourself, you communicate to others that you are worthy of their confidence.

15. They are generous.

Successful people operate from a perspective of abundance. They believe that there is enough success, money, and opportunity for everyone and are happy to help others on their journey.

16. They don’t complain.

Complaining puts you in a negative and unproductive state, and successful people do not waste their energy on negativity.

17. They have fears, but they are not controlled by them.

Successful people work past their fears to overcome them. They rebel at the idea of being restricted by their own apprehension.

18. They are ambitious.

Rather than settle for average, high achievers reach for amazing. This way, even if they fall short, they are still achieving well above average.

19. They don’t procrastinate.

They know that now is always the “right time”.

20. They’re optimists.

They are not overtaken by doubt, they believe in their own ability and that the best is yet to come.


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