4 Ways To Leave A Lasting Impression


Highly successful entrepreneurs have an insatiable appetite for staying at the center of attention, often thriving on the rollercoaster that is starting and growing a business. What’s more, they live to create companies and experiences that people will not soon forget. But how exactly do they do it?
Here are the top 4 ways to ensure memorability:

1. Make A Habit Of Networking

Effective entrepreneurs are “well networked.” In order to gather the resources need to get a project off the ground, they leverage one of their most valuable assets, their relationships. Beyond the initial stages, they continue to draw on their network to open doors in a variety of ways ranging from entering new markets to mergers and acquisitions. The more friends, contacts and interactions you’re able to collect, the better off you’ll be in business and life.

2. Be Physically Distinct

Ever notice how certain celebrities or artists have mastered the art of absurd get-up (think Lady Gaga)? Finding a “shtick” is a great way to stand apart from the crowd. Keep in mind, you don’t have to go all Dennis-Rodman to get yourself noticed, but you should be conscious of your look and try to create a consistent, impressive appearance. As Grant Cardone says:

“Money is not the problem. Obscurity is the problem. Get noticed and be extraordinary!”

3. Communication Is Key

Communication is a simple concept, yet for many — particularly busy entrepreneurs who have a mile long to-do list — it can often be the most difficult aspect of building a business.

To make your communication authentic and memorable, suggest a get-together to help them out with something they need or invite them to an event you think they’d be interested in attending. Doing this offers value to those you communicate with, beyond mere “small talk.” It helps to establish your relationship as important and worth remembering. Instead of thinking about what you can take, think about how you can add value.
4. Become A Connecter

Firstly, being a connector is not the same as networking. Networking indicates making an effort to meet as many people as possible in order to grow potential opportunities. Being a connecter is about linking people who could gain from knowing each other, barring an immediate benefit to you, is the icing in the cake as far as making yourself unforgettable.

While it does take a certain amount of conscious effort, calculation and careful execution, you’ll find that the reward is absolutely worth it. Implement our strategies and get ready to reap the exponentially positive effects of being unforgettable, after all, no one wants to be forgotten.
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